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Finding the best invoice factoring company for your needs isn’t easy. We understand this, so we’ve eliminated the guesswork by creating a list of the top ten factoring companies in the USA. Each company offers cash advances on unpaid customer invoices and often additional funding solutions or services to help your business grow.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Factoring Company

Sometimes referred to as invoice financing, factoring can be a great alternative to business loans. It works for various businesses, including those without solid credit scores and those turned down for loans. However, many strong and established businesses leverage it, too, because factored invoices provide fast debt-free funding.  

Despite this, all factoring companies are not the same. You’ll see wide variances in the level of service offered, factoring fees, and contractual obligations. Plus, some specialize in specific industries and offer additional services or expertise that can help your business grow.

Because of this, you’re not simply choosing a factoring company to advance you some cash as needed. The company you choose can become a long-term partner that helps your business solve its greatest challenges and scale.

Our Criteria for Assessing the Top Factoring Companies

When curating our list of the top factoring companies, we looked at three key areas:

  1. Reputation: Most factoring companies on our list have Google Reviews ratings between four and five stars. Because others have good experiences with them, you’ll likely have a good experience too.
  2. Factoring Process: Each company has a streamlined factoring process that allows you to be approved and receive your funds quickly.
  3. Factoring Rates: All the companies on the list are known for offering competitive rates so that you can keep more money in your pocket.

criteria for choosing top 10 factoring companies in USA: reputation, process, factoring fees

Top 10 Factoring Companies in the USA

Each business has unique needs, so no singular best factoring company exists. Our list of top factoring companies is not ranked by preference for this reason. It includes details about industries served and services provided, so it’s easier to find your ideal fit.

1. Triumph Business Capital

For those in the trucking industry, Triumph Business Capital is a good option to shortlist. The company serves fleets, owner-operators, and freight brokers with a variety of funding solutions, including freight factoring, asset-based lending, and equipment financing. Because they’re focused on freight, they also have a fuel card program and other industry-specific perks.

2. RTS Financial

Another factoring company for truckers to shortlist is RTS Financial. While the company offers perks similar to Triumph, such as fuel cards, it also produces ProTransport, a comprehensive trucking software to help manage dispatch, maintenance, and more.

3. eCapital

Those in niche industries that can’t find a specialist may want to check out eCapital. It’s more of a generalist factoring company that serves more than 80 industries, which means they’re likely to have at least some carryover experience in your niche. In addition to providing freight factoring and invoice factoring services, the company offers asset-based lending, equipment refinancing, and lines of credit.

4. TCI Business Capital

A division of Fidelity Bank, TCI Business Capital is more of a generalist factoring company with specialty offerings in telecom, oilfield services, and manufacturing. However, TCI sets itself apart in a few key areas. First, they prioritize speed and try to get approvals through on the day a request is submitted. Secondly, they don’t shy away from businesses in trouble. They’re happy to help businesses going through bankruptcy and those coping with bank workouts.

5. Apex Capital Corp

Founded in 1995, Apex Capital sets itself apart with its blynk® digital payment system that can pay companies within minutes of invoice acceptance – even on nights and weekends. Apex serves a variety of industries, including staffing, oil and gas, manufacturing, and construction. However, it has deep roots in the trucking industry and is a member of the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA), Women in Trucking (WiT), and more. It also offers unique programs for those starting a trucking company, fuel cards, and a free load board.

6. Mazon Associates

As one of the oldest factoring companies, founded more than 45 years ago, Mazon primarily focuses on oil and gas, staffing, construction, business services, and transportation. The company prides itself on eliminating unnecessary fees and startup costs plus offers month-to-month options with no cancellation fee.

7. J D Factors

If you’re specifically looking for non-recourse factoring, J D Factors is a good option to shortlist. The company offers same-day funding and serves a variety of industries, including trucking, staffing, wholesale/distribution, and oilfield services.

8. Riviera Finance

With more than 50 years in business, Riviera Finance has experience in most industries, though it tends to focus more on temporary staffing, energy, oil and gas, telecom, and transportation. Although the company hints at having more traditional loan terms available, they are centered on factoring.

9. Porter Freight Funding

As the name suggests, Porter Freight Funding is dedicated to the transportation industry. In addition to providing freight factoring services, the company also helps with dispatching, compliance, and insurance quotes, plus it tends to offer a low introductory rate for newcomers.

10. Factor Funding Company

Last but not least on our list of the top factoring companies in the USA is Factor Funding Company. It’s more of a generalist provider, serving most industries and providing a plethora of cash flow solutions. In addition to AR funding, the company also offers PO financing, asset-based loans, and equipment financing. It’s also one of the few that does debt collection and settlement funding.

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